Storify your App

Storytelling has a compelling power. And ours is installable. Storyo’s SDK allows for easy integration and customization.

Integrate the groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence of Storyo’s algorithm into your app now!

Come into play
with your brand!

There is nothing a good story won’t sell. Dress up Storyo with your brand and set the stage for a social network showdown of user-generated magic. Embrace the power of User-generated content. Where there are experiences, there are stories to be told!

Connect with consumers through thousands of lovely stories!

Let Storyo change
your game!

In the age of social sharing, user-generated content is king. And if you want yours to rule, you better make the task easy for creators, quick for viewers and inspiring for all. Storyo’s AI-powered storytelling engine does it right by automagically rendering amazing stories from users’ own camera roll memories.

Our Storytelling Solutions

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Storyo for Developers

  • Cross-platform SDK
  • Real-time 3D video rendering
  • Ultra-fast output via processing at device silica & GPU level
  • Cloud service API option, with off-the-shelf proprietary storytelling algorithmia

Storyo for Brands

  • Innovative storytelling platform
  • State of the art white label technology
  • Custom UI
  • Exclusive brand filters on demand
  • Ultrafast time-to-consumer

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