A tale of dreamers and doers

We come from the small nation that wrote some of the most inspiring stories in history. It’s only fair we create something that lets you write yours.

At Storyo we defy conventions

We believe not only you can go back to the places where you were happy, but you also should. We are crafting something that enables you to build the storyline of the greatest moments in your life. “As long as it looks good” is not enough for us. Some of the tidbits that make your life special are not visible to the naked eye and they might be forgotten. But not on our watch.

There's a Storyo in all of us

André Bico


Filipe Vasconcellos

Chief Executive Officer

Inês Tomás Mateus

Head of Marketing

Lénia Silveira

Head of Finance

Leonel Duarte

Chief Creative Officer

Manuel Costa

Chief Technological Officer

Mariana Abreu

Office Manager

Nuno Santos

Nuno Santos


Rita Prates


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