This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Storyo, or if you need support, please write us at


What’s Storyo?

Storyo is the first meta-storytelling application in the world. Yes, we’re the first app that combines photos and data (like maps and location) to create beautifully simple stories automatically which can be easily shared with friends.

Are videos saved directly to my camera roll?


No. But you can save Storyo videos to your device's Storyo Library or directly on your camera roll.


Can I add any song from my music library?


We support most audio file types but you will not be permitted to include any Digital Rights Management protected files to your video. Musical content that was not an original creation by you is protectable under copyright laws. It is against the law to copy music without purchasing or obtaining the rights to that music. Make sure you have the permission to use that musical content in any video slideshows you create with Storyo.


Will I be able to edit my videos?


You will be able to go back in and edit any of your saved videos.


Does Storyo own my Storyo video or have rights to use it?


No, we don't collect any information from you or save any videos you create. All of the videos are stored locally on your device.


What photo can I use to create Storyos?


You can create Storyos using your device's camera roll or from an Instagram photo library.


I'm having technical issues with Storyo. Who do I email?


You can reach us at


When are you going to make the app for Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone, etc?


We are currently working on making the iPhone experience as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms. But we have projects in the pipeline, so check-in often for news on upcoming features.