Life at its best with Storyo

There's a story in every photo.

Storyo is storytelling, reinvented.


To create a storyo just select a timeframe. A night out, a two week vacation or even an entire year.

Super Smart

The metadata in your photos is gathered to tell the stories behind the photos.


Titles, captions, maps are added on the fly to make them come to life.


Stories can be fully automatic or fully customizable with simple & easy editing features.


The best thing is storyos are just as fast to create as they are to share.


And check-out ready-made storyos based on your photo activity.

How Storyo works

Storyo creates stories automatically based on the metadata in your photos (like time and location) along with other bits and pieces of information it harvests online, like maps. It brings photos and data together in beautifully simple video-stories, called storyos.

  • Take photos as you normally do, ideally with your location enabled.
  • Select a timeframe and choose the length and style of the story.
  • Edit the story and add your favorite song.
  • Share your storyo right within the app or save it or export to a movie file.

Automatic Stories

Life’s for celebrating, so we’re celebrating yours even when you aren't. When you install Storyo, it looks through all your photos to create storyos you’ll like such as your "Week Recap", with your week in review, or "Yearbook", with an up-close of your friends and family.

Create your storyo in seconds.

Simple interface to create beautifully automatic, fast and shareable storyos.

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